HANSA-FLEX App now available

The HANSA-FLEX app provides you with fast access to all HANSA-FLEX branches. You can search for locations throughout the world and quickly find clear details of your nearest branch. The location finder will show you all the relevant details, and if you are in a hurry the app will even provide you with directions to your selected HANSA-FLEX location.

A must-have for all those who require access to HANSA-FLEX when they are on the move.

If you have any questions which need to be dealt with quickly and simply, give us a call or use the integrated email function. This enables you to direct your questions to the branch you have selected. We will deal with your questions at any time and will, on request, deliver the required spare parts directly to the place where they are needed.

In addition, our mobile Hydraulic Service provides our customers with the fastest service on the market. You can contact the mobile Rapid Hydraulic Service using the HANSA-FLEX app – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

All it takes is a call to 0800 –-77 12345 and one of our 280 rapid-response vehicles will quickly arrive and deal with the problem. The benefit to you is that you minimise unnecessary downtime and save costs.



Android - Deleting an app:

In order to delete an app on Android you open the list of apps and keep the icon of the relevant app pressed down.  After 1-3 seconds a bin symbol appears at the top edge of the screen. You drag the icon to the bin and then drop it in. If this is not sufficient to delete the app, you access "Applications" from the options offered by your Android smartphone, select the relevant app and then press "Uninstall".

iPhone - Closing an app:

Since the iPhone apps remain active in the background they need to be closed properly prior to an update or to solve minor problems. If you wish to close those app simply press the ‘Home’ button (the round button below the display) twice in quick succession. All the active apps now appear at the bottom. To close them you press one of the icons on the list continuously for about 3 seconds. You will now see all the icons on the list vibrate. To close an app completely you click on the small "-" at the top left of the app icons. Don’t worry, the app will only be closed, not deleted.

iPhone - Deleting an app:

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