Hydraulic hoses and hose lines

HANSA-FLEX produces hydraulic hoses and hose lines of all diameters and for every application. Whether it's a spiral or braided hose, for low-pressure, high-pressure or extreme pressure – in our product range you will find exactly the right hose for every hydraulic application.


For critical applications such as those found in the foodstuffs industry or aerospace and medical technology we provide PTFE hoses which are neutral to the taste and smell, or armoured hoses which are suitable for a temperature range of - 200 °C to + 600 °C.


All our products are tested by elaborate processes under rigorous conditions to ensure that the safety of people and machinery is guaranteed at all times. Within the framework of our certified quality management system the in-house HANSA-FLEX test laboratory works closely with public materials testing organisations.


Our product portfolio covers:


  • all standard hydraulic hoses and the corresponding fittings
  • hose lines certified for critical operational areas such as shipping, the offshore industry, rail transport and mining with a wide range of approvals (GL, LR, DNV, BWB, DGRL, DVGW and many more)
  • connecting equipment such as screw fittings, flanges, ball valves, adapters and couplings
  • a range of accessories such as mounting equipment, pull-out protection, hose protection  (against kinks, heat and abrasion)
  • industrial hoses, metal and PTFE hoses
  • high-pressure hoses (up to 500 bar) for demanding applications such as hydrostatic drives and direct drive units
  • extreme-pressure hoses (up to 3,200 bar) for applications with extremely high pressure such as high-pressure forming and hydraulic assembly presses


You can find the whole product range in our online catalog




Pipes, fittings and adapters

HANSA-FLEX produces special pipes and fittings in any desired form. As original equipment or as replacement parts. Quickly, precisely and in tried and proven quality.

Complex hydraulic systems require pipes and fittings beyond the scope of standard ranges. What is needed are custom – in the truest sense of the word unique – special connections. Any conceivable component can be produced, to computer-controlled precision levels. 


Cutting ring connections, R & D flare connections for brake pipes, soldered connections and beading, as well as 37° triple-lock and 90° O-lock flares and Vossform connections are produced for the pipes according to customers’ needs. The range is supplemented by special fittings for a wide variety of applications. The range extends from multiply bent fittings, through custom shaped adapters with various threads, to complex collectors and pipe manifolds. This helps to avoid towers of screw fittings, and the risk of leakage is minimised.


In addition, HANSA-FLEX offers a wide range of adapters with various forms an angels. Regardless of the type of connection you need - whether it is hydraulic, pneumatic, or industrial application - we can provide the optimal adapter in our well known quality. 

Our portfolio covers:


  • precision pipelines made of black and galvanised hydraulic pipe, stainless steel, copper, aluminium or Zistaplex
  • all standard forms of pipe end machining, pipe connecting equipment and seals
  • individual articles, series production or fully assembled component groups
  • hose fittings with multiple bends, adapters shaped to requirements and screw fittings with a wide range of threads and complex collectors and distributors
  • pipe connectors and adapters
  • all individually bent pipes can be reproduced identically at all times, because their ID numbers and specifications are saved electronically and as drawings
  • different adapters for various application scenarios



Hydraulic components

The HANSA-FLEX range of hydraulic components covers the entire spectrum. In accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 certification we ensure the high quality standards of our hydraulic components with a single objective: maximum service availability at minimum cost.

At all times our stocks cover more than 4,500 articles which are immediately available. Thanks to our online catalogue our product range is available worldwide right round the clock in more than 20 languages.

Our product portfolio includes:

  • valves, pumps, electric and hydraulic motors, measuring equipment, accumulators, tanks
  • hydraulic cylinders and seals (new products and repairs)
  • technical consulting, design and conversion
  • special programme: 700-bar high-pressure hydraulics
  • provision of hydraulic component groups ready for mounting (valve blocks, valve combinations)
  • filter systems, filtration accessories and hydraulic fluids

Engineering and component group production

HANSA-FLEX designs and manufactures innovative drive and control systems right up to the project planning of entire hydraulic installations. From design to assembly and commissioning on site we can guarantee short delivery times thanks to a high level of vertical production for industrial and mobile applications.

An overview of our service spectrum:

  • design and production of component groups, cylinders and special valve blocks,
  • supported by the latest 3D CAD software
  • project planning for entire hydraulic systems
  • installation and commissioning by the HANSA-FLEX industrial assembly service
  • conversion and extension of existing hydraulic systems
  • production of compact component groups (up to 4 kW) and customer-specific
  • special solutions (up to 100 kW, 450bar, 4,000L tank volume)